BB Bags & Backpacks Travel Backpack Review

BB Bags & Backpacks Travel Backpack Review

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BB Bags & Backpacks Travel Backpack: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Shoulder straps are comfortably padded
  • Repels water well
  • Easily folds away

What We Don't Like

  • Easily stains
  • Must be hand washed

Most travel backpacks we review are the sort that you would carry with you as you travel, to possibly hold your laptop, keys or travel documents. This one from BB Bags and Backpacks can do all that, however, if you want a backpack for use when you reach your destination, rather than as you travel, then this one fits the bill.

Its soft materials mean it can be folded and packed in your luggage and then taken out and used when you arrive. Read on, and you will discover more of its many features.

BB Bags & Backpacks Travel Backpack Review

This backpack is a recent addition to the marketplace, as it only went on sale in the early summer of 2018, and since then its reviews have been almost entirely positive.

Its primary material is waterproof polyester and it is available in three colors which are black, grey, and orange. It can be folded down to such as small size that it can be carried in the same way you would a small carry bag.

Who Is This Product For? 

Unlike many backpacks which are targeted towards either males, females, teens or children, this backpack is one that all of them can use. 

It is ideal for use by people travelling by air, as its size allows it to be placed in the overhead bins very easily. If you are travelling by other modes of transport, this bag makes it very easy for you to carry all your personal items with you, including any documents you might need on your journey, such as your passport. 

For those who like hiking, camping or backpacking, this is an ideal bag to use, especially when you consider the waterproof material, which will be invaluable if you get caught out in the rain. 

Sports enthusiasts and those of you who go to the local gym can use this bag to carry your sports clothing, and its soft sides will stretch to accommodate them. 

What’s Included? 

Not much to really tell you here, other than you receive the backpack in whichever color you chose. One thing to consider is that this backpack has proven to be a popular gift item, so if you love it, why not buy and send one to a friend or family member? 

Overview of Features 

Even if you don’t need a bag for travelling but will likely need one for use when you arrive, this can be that bag, as it can be folded down. It folds down to such as small size that it fits in other bags or luggage whilst you are en route, and then taken out and unfolded when you arrive and want to use it. 

The reason it can be folded is due to its soft material, which is primarily, polyester. Apart from the softness and flexibility of this material, one of its most beneficial features is that it is waterproof. This means that if you get caught in a rain shower, or even a deluge, everything inside your bag is going to stay dry. 

A further feature of the exterior of the backpack is the zipper covers, which also help keep rain from penetrating inside. Zippers are one of the most vulnerable parts of a bag when it comes to moisture getting inside, so these covers are a simple, but very welcome protection for them. 

Staying outside, we now come to the padded shoulder straps, which as we have already mentioned can be adjusted to make the backpack sit as comfortable as possible on your back. Another feature of them, which adds to your comfort, is they are extra wide, so the downward pressure on your shoulders is reduced. 

The storage options of the backpack include pockets both inside and outside. The exterior pockets include a larger zipped pocket which is perfect for keeping any documents you may need handy. 

There are two more side pockets which are unzipped and could be used to hold anything that will fit in them such as snacks, a drinks bottle or a cell phone. 

Inside you have space big enough to hold a laptop or tablet, a snack box, a towel, books or even a spare pair of sneakers. 

How to Use It 

This is isn’t a backpack that has two or three different ways of being carried, so you do not have any additional shoulder straps to attach or remove. 

To wear it, you simply put each arm through its appropriate strap and then adjust it using the buckle on each one. Ideally, you want the backpack to be as close to your back as possible rather than hanging down, as this can cause neck and shoulder strain.



If you would like your bag to be a bit more colorful or would like more choices of color for your bag, then the Mubasel Gear Backpack is a possible alternative. 

It is a lightweight backpack, which is ideal for travelling, outdoor pursuits, or simply as an everyday bag for work, college or school. 

With regards to colors, you can choose from 11 of them, and some of the more noticeable choices include plum, orange, fuchsia and orange.


This is a travel backpack that is suitable for adults, teens and children. It is comfortable to carry thanks to its extra-wide shoulder pads, and is ideal for carrying anything from a laptop, to a change of clothing.

Its soft, waterproof materials mean it can be folded down to a fraction of its full size and stored or carried until you wish to use it when you arrive at your destination.

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