S-Zone Wheeled Backpack Carry-on Luggage Review

S-Zone Wheeled Backpack Carry-on Luggage Review

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S-Zone Wheeled Backpack Carry-on Luggage: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Durable and elegant
  • Sturdy telescopic handle
  • The internal laptop sleeve is padded.

What We Don't Like

  • Handle locks into a single position
  • May arrive with loose stitching

Whenever you travel by air, or any other sort of transport, having decent hand luggage can make a big difference to your enjoyment of the trip. 

It lets you store all your travel documents in one place and keeps personal items such as medication, keys, and other necessities close at hand. 

Such a bag is this one from S-Zone, which has wheels and lots of storage compartments. Read our review to discover more about these features and what the bag’s other merits are.

S-Zone Wheeled Backpack Carry-on Luggage Review

This bag was first available for sale in Spring 2017, and it has proved to very popular amongst those who have bought and used it. 

It is a travel bag, which can be used as either wheeled hand luggage or a backpack depending on what the user feels is most comfortable for them. 

Although is designated as a ‘travel’ bag, it has other uses, such as a work bag, especially as it can easily hold a laptop, or tablet device. It is also deep enough for clothing to be stored in it, so use as a sports bag is also possible. 

Who Is This Product For? 

Anyone who wants something that allows them to carry their personal belongings can use this bag, although its primarily designed for travelling, especially by air. Those who vacation and fly often will love this, as it can be used as hand luggage and taken on to the aircraft. 

The fact that it can be used as a backpack will appeal to those of you who always like to have both hands free. On the flip side if you are uncomfortable with having something on your back, then the fact you can pull it along by the handle solves that issue for you. 

Anyone who must use a laptop, for work, school or college, can use this to take it with you, and the other compartments let you store paperwork, folders, stationary, and a charger cable too. 

Whilst it is not specifically a sports bag, gym goers and other sports enthusiasts could use it to carry their sports gear, as the bag’s material is soft and can stretch if needed. 

What’s Included? 

This is a simple one; your S-Zone backpack / travel luggage bag. You may find when you receive it that it is completely flat, but when you take it out of the packaging you can soon get it to its proper shape. 

Overview of Features 

The bag has many purposes, as it can be used as pull-along hand luggage, a carry bag, or as a backpack. If it is being used as a backpack, cushioned straps will make that more comfortable. 

To pull it, the handle is released from the top of the bag and can be adjusted to the height which is most comfortable for you. The two solid wheels on the base allow you to pull it along behind you with ease. 

The options for storing your personal belongings is limited only by how much stuff you have. There are multiple pockets, flaps and compartments which are suitable for all kinds of items. Documents, cash, keys, laptops, tablets, project folders, jewelry, cell phones, and items of clothing, are just some of the things you could carry in this bag. 

On point to note is that if you are carrying any valuables such as cash or jewelry, the bag isn’t lockable, so bear that in mind. 

Some of the pockets are made from mesh, so this makes it easier to see where some of your items are, especially the ones you might need to find quickly. 

How to Use It 

The handle is retractable so to lower it, or to lift it out of its recess you press the button on the top of it. Once the button is released the handle will lock to that height. 

To use it as a backpack you may need to adjust the two straps, so that the bag is sitting at the most comfortable height. You’ll want to make the straps tight enough so that the bag isn’t dragging you down from behind, but at the same time not too tight, as to restrict your movement or pinch you. 

With some of the compartments, common sense will dictate what they can each be used for. The one thing to be careful of is having anything which is breakable stored in the front flap. When it is unzipped it tends to fall forward, and if it lands on something hard, what’s inside it could be broken. 


If the multiple compartments feature is something that is not important to you, and you’d like wheeled hand luggage which is more akin to a suitcase, take a look at the Travelpro Bold 22” Expandable Carry-on Luggage as a possible alternative. 

It is more suited to storing clothing than the S-Zone bag, but still has a very convenient pocket for storing your tablet device, as well as being wheeled and having a retractable handle. 


Whether you are going on a long flight, or simply need a bag to carry your personal belongings to work or college each day, this bag hits the mark. 

It can be carried or pulled, and it has multiple compartments so that you can keep everything organized and easy to find. 

Whether you use it as hand luggage on flights, a day trip bag, or as your everyday bag, it works in all scenarios.

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